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How to reboot your sport

Those of us that have worked to deliver global sports events, are incredulous at the difficulty of arranging meetings with professional sports organisations who aren’t available because they “have a match on”. Equally people working for sports with seasons that never end, dream of having weeks (and months) to do nothing more than plan. 

Everyone has a planning season now.

I’ve had the great good fortune to have spent much of the last 25 years creating digital sports properties from scratch or reinventing existing ones through digital.

What I’ve learnt is that to doing digital well is about three things:


You should note that technical skills and experience didn’t make the list. When everything is changing the ability to learn and adapt is more important than relying on what you know. When I started working at London 2012 in 2006 the iPhone, Twitter and Instagram didn’t exist, nobody had a 3G connection and more people in the UK used dial up connections than broadband.

A solid three years of planning and building for those Games was enough to fill 84 slides of hurried post Games report.

We haven’t been granted quite that long (here’s hoping) but even a few weeks are enough to properly rethink, not only your digital approach but apply digital ways of thinking to everything you do.

Starting with what we know, here’s a simple model for digital:








Doing this right is hard but not impossible. It’s important that we also take the time we have been gifted to get this right. Digital will become systemically more important there will be more, not less regulation and oversight, and higher expectations from fans.

Reinventing your sport for a changed world will be harder. There aren’t any experienced guides because no-one’s done this before.

You need smart people who love change and hard work.

People who like building stuff, who can think in multi-disciplinary ways and who are used to inventing the future.

We’re all going to be digital people now.

Some of the brightest and best are at home now (and so am I) with a bit more time on their hands and an array of video conferencing tools at their fingertips and I’d be delighted to connect you. It won’t cost you anything to have a conversation. Get in touch

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